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10/17/16 - Client Alert - Collection Practices Guidance
07/21/16 - Client Alert - Lender's Ability to Secure Property Before Foreclosure
06/13/16 - Flipping an Oregon Multi-Family Project: Risky Business


10/22/15 - On Compliance: Managing Complaints
06/25/15 - On Compliance: The Strangling of Overdraft Protection


07/22/14 - Tattoos: Taboo or Cool in the Credit Union Culture?
04/30/14 - Tara Schleicher Quoted in Portland Business Journal
01/09/14 - Case Law Update - New Washington Case May Affect Right to Deficiency Judgment on Guaranties
01/06/14 - Real Estate Investing - Buyer's Perspective


12/06/13 - NCUA Finalizes New CUSO Registration & Reporting
08/01/13 - CFPB's Exam Procedures Are Valuable Tools
08/01/13 - Skirting Around Dress Code Discrimination
07/15/13 - Tenant Issues in Commercial Leases
06/01/13 - A Dangerous Intersection
04/10/13 - More Mortgage Changes on the Horizon
04/01/13 - Reduce the Risk of Workplace Violence
02/01/13 - The CFPB Is Keeping an Aggressive Pace
02/01/13 - Cupid and the Cubicle


12/01/12 - Is Staff Training Time Compensable?
10/01/12 - Cultivate a Workplace of Respect
08/01/12 - Think Twice Before Rejecting Criminals
06/01/12 - Navigate the Social Media Minefield
04/01/12 - Self-Audit With Care
02/01/12 - USERRA Compliance Honors Servicemembers


10/01/11 - Avoid 'Off-the-Clock' Lawsuits
09/01/11 - Battle Workplace Bullying
06/01/11 - Reduce Retaliation Risk
04/01/11 - Nursing Mother Rule Is a Smart Retention Tool


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